PrivacyGrade Redesign

CMU Human-Computer Interaction Institute

Many smartphone apps gather and send lots of sensitive data to various third parties around the internet. However, it’s hard for users to know exactly what apps are sending out what data and why.

The goal of this project is to improve a part of, a website that analyzes privacy-related behaviors of andriod apps, to offer users a clearer understanding of 'who' collects data, 'what' kinds of user information they are collecting, and 'where' they send the data to. We redesigned and implemented the existing interface and added data visualizations.

  • Skills
  • Web Development
  • Heuristic Evaluation
  • UI Design

  • Tools/Languages
  • AngularJS
PrivacyGrade Before

Major changes to the original implementation are focused on the front-end side to improve the usability of the web app:

  • We re-implemented the layout and the content of Home page based on the new design to highlight the most important information on the landing page. We removed the “All apps” tab since it doesn’t convey much valuable information to the user.
  • We added data visualization section “Where does my data go?” to the Home page. This was implemented with a new library LeaderLine added to the project.
  • We modified the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page based on our findings from research and heuristic evaluation. We also created diagrams to help people better understand the process of how we conducted the analysis.